Michon Edwards

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Spouses of JBMDL Organization for our 2022-2023 year! My name is Brandi Shugart, and I will be serving as the Org President again this year. We have a wonderful and exciting year planned, and a team of community builders that have joined the board this year. 

As I sit here trying to sound “exciting”, I’m just a simple, ordinary, and boring person who has a heart for serving and a desire to see a strong military community of spouses working together. In each of our imperfections, we can build a strong alliance of helpers, by tapping into each of our strong qualities. It takes a village is NOT simply for those of us with children, it takes each person using their personal gifts and talents to serve the diverse community of JBMDL. We all come from many different walks of life, and not everyone will be your cup of tea, and that is Ok! But when we serve with RESPECT and encouragement of our fellow spouses in the community, that is when we can authentically be what the community needs. 

We need CONNECTORS & BUILDERS, those who truly desire to be a part of something that connects us to each other. I’ve been in the JBMDL for 11 years now, and sometimes, it feels very lonely in this BIG community. My hope for the Org, is that we can be a place where ALL feel welcomed, needed, and have a seat at the table. Joining the board was very uncomfortable for me, as an introvert, I’m great with being on the sidelines. You hear the horror stories of Clubs across the many bases, and many of us do not want to be a part of that. But the only way to change that, is to GET INVOLVED, risk the uncomfortable to make the positive changes needed. We cannot continue to do what always has been done, but we need helpers who can see the BIGGER picture and truly desire community. 

As a mother of 3, with a retired husband, this journey feels NEW, even though we’ve been a part of the military life for 24 active, and 3 retired. I said YES, and to be honest, I didn’t really understand what I was getting myself into….BUT I said YES. I haven’t done everything perfectly, and I’ll probably have more information on “what NOT to do”, than a “How to” when it’s all said and done….BUT I will continue to show up. To build what the JBMDL deserves, to remember to be INCLUSIVE, and to create a table big enough for ALL of us. If you’re looking for a place of imperfect builders, who truly want to connect a BIG community, please consider having a seat at our table.

who we are

Thrift Store Manager:

Sammi Struck

Philanthropic Chair:

Cheryl Huguley

2nd Vice President: Betty Vaden

The Spouses’ Organization is a non-profit dedicated to volunteering and community involvement. We host quarterly Community Events and multiple monthly Sub-Clubs to strengthen our community. We welcome military spouses of all ranks and branches. We also operate the SO JBMDL Org Thrift Store to raise funds for our philanthropic endeavors. We have also added a Cinderella's Closet for women and daughters of the military to have access to a wide variety of dresses to wear for FREE on special occasions at our clubhouse.

Administrative Coordinator:

Allyson Jessup


Cinderella's Closet:

Diana Ivie


Pam Wiederholt

Our mission is to support our Base and local communities through civic involvement and funds generated by sales in our Thrift Store.

Scholarship Chair:

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1st Vice President

Alyssa Gruenes


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Andrea Wynne

Cinderella's Closet Co-Chair:

Leslie Vasquez

spouses of JBMDL Organization Board members of 2022-2023

Financial Officer:

Leanna Carbone

Fundraising Chair:

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a letter from our 2022-2023 president

Events Sub Clubs:

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