​charitable giving application


Please ensure your request includes all information as requested in the form. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. 

    The Spouses of JBMDL Organization (SoJBMDLOrg) provides charitable financial support to organizations on base, in our local community, and across the nation, whose programs and services directly impact the lives of military members and their families.
    As a non-profit service organization, the SoJBMDLOrg serves the interests of both our members and of their larger community. We recognize we have an obligation to use our funds wisely, and to ensure they are given to organizations that reflect our values, practice good stewardship, and meet the needs of the military community.
    The SoJBMDLOrg will provide funding to local and national organizations, including but not limited to: the Air Force Village, the Air Force Enlisted Village, Fisher House, the American Red Cross, Ronald McDonald House, Operation Warm Hearth, Operation Hug-A-Hero, the Air Force Ball, the Children’s Home of Mt. Holly, the Joint Base MDL Chapel, JBMDL Youth Programs, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), local food banks, and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Additionally, the SoJBMDLOrg provides individual scholarships to help JBMDL-affiliated military dependents (including both children and spouses) pay for college expenses.

Charitable Giving Guidelines

To ensure transparency, fairness and thoughtfulness, the Spouses of JBMDL Organization uses the following criteria to determine an organization’s eligibility for a charitable donation. To receive funds, requests should directly address one or more of these criteria:

  1. Supports the morale and resiliency of military members or their families.
  2. Benefits the humanitarian needs of the community, including education, health and human services, food and shelter.
  3. Promotes safety, physical and emotional wellness, and community responsibility.
  4. Provides opportunities for educational advancement.
  5. Assists with relief of the poor, distressed, and underprivileged.

In making funding decisions, the SoJBMDLOrg gives priority to those organizations whose:

  •  Primary activities include the support of military members and their families.
  •  Programs have proximity to JBMDL and/or directly impact our installation and military community.
  •  Financial resources are spent primarily on direct provisions of goods or services.
  •  Activities are relevant to our members and their families.
  •  Requests impact many people, not just one or a few individuals.

In return for the Spouses of JBMDL Organization’s charitable donation, we ask that organizations consider:

  •  Acknowledging receipt and use of the donated funds by sending a thank you note to the address listed above.
  •  Publicly acknowledging (ex. signage, sponsorship listing in the event program, etc.) Spouses of JBMDL Organization as a sponsor.
  •  Sending photographs of the event for which the donation was given.

Eligibility and Limitations
    The SoJBMDLOrg charitable contributions may include monetary donations and/or payment for material goods. Whenever possible, donations are made payable to organizations, not to individuals. The SoJBMDLOrg does not provide funding for goods or services that could be obtained using appropriated funds. The SoJBMDLOrg does not use charitable funds to reimburse completed expenditures.
    The SoJBMDLOrg charitable contributions may not be used to fund normal operating expenses of any organization, including items such as salaries, overhead or advertising.
    The SoJBMDLOrg does not provide funding to political organizations, and is cautious in its support of religious organizations. Funds provided to religious organizations should benefit the broader community, not solely organization members or those who profess sectarian beliefs. Funds may not be used to purchase religious materials or to support activities of a religious organization’s congregation.
    Funds donated by the SoJBMDLOrg are to be used for the sole purpose for which they were requested and may not be used to fund other needs not identified in the original request. Should the donated funds exceed the requestor’s original stated needs, the SoJBMDLOrg asks that the monies be returned as soon as possible to the SoJBMDLOrg so that they may help fund other charitable requests.

    Proposals from qualifying organizations are accepted throughout the board year and are considered in the order they are received. Our annual budget cycle follows an academic calendar year from September through June, as it is helpful if we receive your request early in the fiscal year.
    The decision making process requests several steps and usually takes 4-6 weeks to complete. Any request received after May 31st may take up to 2-3 months to be completed. Requestors should clearly state if their request is urgent, and the SoJBMDLOrg's Philanthropic chair will make reasonable attempts to expedite your request.