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How does trivia night work?                                                                                                                        
There will be 5 rounds with 12 questions each. Teams will have 30 seconds to answer each question. Teams will fill out their Answer Sheet as best they can. At the end of each round, a Runner will come collect each Team's Answer Sheet.

How many people to a team?
Teams will be comprised of a maximum of 8 people.

How are the round scored?
Questions 1-11 are worth 1 point each; Question 12 is worth 2 points.

What happens if I feel that my score is incorrect?

If your Team would like to challenge a ruling on a score sheet, you may have one representative come to the Judging Station during the next Round of questions.

What happens if two teams tie?
If there is a TIE at the end of the night, one representative from each team with the tied score will come up to the Judges' Station and answer questions until we have a winner.

Can my team get any free answers?
Free Spaces may be purchased at the Registration Desk, or from any of the Runners.  You get 5 Free Spaces for $10.  You may use as many Free Spaces as you'd like per round, however no Free Space may be used on any round's Question #10.

Are there any rules regarding cell phone usage?
Teams are not allowed to use any outside source for help in answering questions (phones, tablets, computers, other tables, etc.).  There will be a "cell phone jail" aka basket in the middle of each table to place your phone in during trivia play. If any player at a table has a phone in hand prior to score sheets being collected your team will receive a warning. After 1 warning your Team will be disqualified. (Please note you may answer your phone at any time, but you must leave use it in the hall and cannot return to your table until the round is over.)

What can I do between rounds?
Between rounds there will be time to refill your drinks and shop the Basket Auction section.

How does the Basket Auction work?
The Basket Auction Section will be open all night for people to browse and deposit tickets. Tickets may be purchased from the Registration Desk or from any Runner. Tickets are $20 for 25 Tickets. Each Basket will have a list of items, approximate value, and a bag. Players will keep one ticket and drop one ticket in the bag for that basket. Bags will be drawn in three separate rounds.  Drawings will occur after rounds 2, 3, and 4.  May the odds be ever in your favor!

What is the table theme contest?
Teams have the option to participate in a table decoration/theme contest. Use your creativity- -the sky is the limit!  Costumes are allowed (and encouraged). The top 3 tables will win a CASH prize!
Note: No Glitter or Confetti is allowed on your Table. Judging will take place after 1st Round - Winner will be announced after the 2nd round.

Can I purchase food and beverages?
Food can be brought into the event as none will be available for purchase. No crockpots or hot plates are allowed. This is an opportunity for your team to all pitch in and bring sandwiches, snacks, desserts, etc.  Note: No outside alcohol can be brought onto the premises. Alcohol will be available for purchase on site.

How can I help the event run smoothly?
Teams are responsible to clean up your table at the end of the night. Garbage bags will be provided for your team to place any trash in at the end of the event.


If you have any questions or need more information that is not here, please email JBMDLSCTriviaNight@gmail.com.



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